Making avocados magical

OK, you read that headline and you’re thinking, “Avocados are already magical. Quit taking credit for all of the avocado’s hard work.” Fair enough.

But this short post will give you a tip that turns the rich, creamy fat-itude that we all love about avocados — especially if you’re on a keto diet chasing all the fatty goodness and potassium without the net carbs — into something with more of a spicy, salty punch.

Or buy four, since they come in four packs(!)

Now, this might depend on geography, but if you’re in the Southeast, you’re in luck. Get thee to Bojangles. Cover your eyes, nose, mouth, ears — anything that might alert you to the presence of fried chicken and biscuits — and buy a container of their seasoned salt. (If you’re not near a Bo’s, you can also just buy them on Amazon.)

It’s the shit they put on their fries, and moreover, it’s just the shit.

I like to simply slice up avocados, put ’em on a plate and sprinkle on the goodness. Makes a great side for steak.

Technically, the seasoning has trace amounts of sugar, but if you won’t spend a fraction of a gram of a carb taking your avocados to 11, I don’t know what to tell you.